Post-natal Pilates & Post-natal exercise

Post-natal 'Mother & Baby Pilates'


Following months of pregnancy and then childbirth it is essential that exercise is safe and effective during the first few months after giving birth and that you are able to bring your baby with you. Having an instructor qualified to understand health issues associated with pregnancy and childbirth will help you to get the most from Pilates at this sensitive stage. These post-natal classes enable you to focus on re-training the core muscles back to pre-pregnancy state in a baby friendly environment and offer the opportunity to meet other new mums. These classes will  help to gently restore your body and set you on the road to full fitness whilst spending time with your baby.

Coffee & tea are included at the end of these sessions whilst you feed/chat to others new mums in the class.

When to Start?


The big question is: When can I resume/start a post pregnancy Pilates programme? The events of your labour can make this a tricky question but following a GP's 6 week check it is usually safe to start to join a post-natal class. The initiation of pelvic floor and deep abdominal exercises in the immediate postpartum period is encouraged and may reduce the risk of future urinary incontinence. Joining a post natal Pilates class will build on these initial exercises and incorporate more exercises to put you on the road to full recovery.

Benefits of Post-natal Exercise


As well as pelvic floor and deep abdominal recovery, a Pilates programme can be an excellent way to help improve posture and re-educate movement and co-ordination post pregnancy. Post-natal exercise concerns range from abdominal separation (diastasis recti), pubic symphis disfunction and joint instability to concerns about what to wear and leaking breasts. Specialised post-natal Pilates classes where you can bring your baby allow your needs to be catered for by a qualified specialist ante/post natal instructor in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Finally, the post natal class will enable you to return safely and confidently to regular Pilates, or other exercise regimes, with a much reduced chance of injury. 

Please note:

  • These sessions are sometimes oversubscribed so it is essential to pre-book
  • Classes run on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • The class and venue are very baby friendly with good changing a kitchen and space to park your buggy